Beer Apps for Your iPhone or Android Smartphones

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If you are a beer enthusiasts on a hound for a new craft beer to quench your thirst and palette, then all you need to do is check out our list of top beer apps available for smartphones. These apps are designed to help you find the best beers based on your taste and preference. Some nifty apps offer ways to find a new pub that serves that cold microbrews across the US.

When you are in a new city, you can check general online review sources but what better ways to get personalized recommendations from local craft beer experts? Yes, there are apps for that.


Avaiable on iPhone and Android, this app is all about having the largest and the most comprehensive database you can imagine on beers. You think your local microbrew that is an undiscovered gem has yet to be unspoiled by the masses? Think again because Pintley probably has that brew listed.


If you are a traveller who wants a cold brew or two in the evening, then this app might interest you. BreweryMap is a cool brewery discovery app that highlights all the breweries that are on or near the path you are traveling. Excellent app for iOS and Android for beer lovers who gets kick out of finding new breweries!


A social network for beer lovers? I guess someone had to make an app for such a thing! This is a beer app you want to fire up if you want personalized recommendations from the bars and pubs near you. What separates Untappd from other similar products on the app marketplace is that within Untappd is a social networking elements baked in. You can gain points for interacting with the community in various ways that includes sharing pictures of beer, as well as rating them.